Home automation and self-consumption

Home automation and self-consumption

El consumption It is becoming an increasingly known and repeated word in neighboring communities, and although it has many advantages that people do not know, lately it is becoming the axis of the construction of houses for the future. If we add to this type of technology the incorporation of home automation in our homes, it becomes an ecological house and probably much cheaper than any other. Don't you know what a domotic home is yet? And self-consumption? We tell you all about these technologies that are revolutionizing the market.

What is home automation?

La domótica it is the technology that allows our house to be a place much more practical, more economical and especially with Less waste of unnecessary energy.

Thanks to these systems connected via internet to our smartphones or tablets, we can control the appliances from anywhere and very quickly.

For example, if every morning you have to turn on the light while you get out of bed and open the blind, it is an unnecessary consumption of light and energy, while if you have blinds that have home automation technology, just by pressing a button from your bed will open and the street light will enter saving you the energy of the lamp.

Thanks to home automation, Small gestures become big savings. You just have to know what your daily routines are and analyze how you can turn it into a energy savings.

Advantages of home automation:

Having home automation devices in your home helps you have more facilities in your home, since the mechanism and operation is much more comfortable and simple. What a few years ago supposed a few hours setting up the dryer, now you just have to have your mobile or tablet nearby, and press a button to activate the drying program.

And another of the virtues of home automation is safety which gives the owner, since you can prevent any domestic mishap like a gas leak or maybe you forget to turn off the oven. These devices have autonomy to shut down alone if necessary since being intelligent, they know when something is not working properly and therefore they deactivate themselves providing the user much more peace of mind and security.

In this last year, according to the CEDOM (Spanish Association of Domotics and Immotics), this technology has increased very quickly and every day there are more hotels, houses, companies, etc ... that have smart devices between their walls.

What is self-consumption?

El consumption It is a form of generate electricity through photovoltaic panels, this way it is extracted solar energy and is distributed by households that count in this way of supplying. During the day a lot of energy is accumulated in these panels and so at night, when there is no sun you can take the accumulated energy.

In Spain, we have many competing companies, both for the sale of panels and for their installation, but depends on the material We can contact one company or another.

There are two types of materials to make the panels:

  • Polycrystalline silicon: It is the most expensive model, since its resistance is much higher.
  • Monocrystalline silicon: The resistance is worse and that is why its price is cheaper.

If all are advantages, why isn't this happening anymore? What do we expect for our life to have a much lower carbon footprint, or that instead of spending money on energy we can accumulate it and even sell it ... Do not wait any longer, bet on self-consumption!

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