'Healthy life' with Packawin

'Healthy life' with Packawin

In recent times we have seen trends towards healthy food, balanced diet and eco products has flooded our social networks.

Many influencers use their profiles to teach us their healthy lifestyles, their recipes or their training routines, demonstrating that wearing a healthy life it makes them quite happy.

We are delighted that, as far as possible, let's reduce the level of harmful products to our body in general, and above all, eco products that do not use fertilizers are consumed. Of course, it is very important to use ecological tableware and utensilswhose production do not pollute the environment and above all, do not generate waste when discarded.

That is why we love collaborating with people who encourage their followers to lead a healthier lifestyle and have a responsible consumption.

In the following video, you can see Tania Borg (@ borg_91), a girl with a vital force that overwhelms us every day!

It is a joy to see her every day get up with that amazing vitality, how does she do it?

If you want healthy recipes, but very rich, and above all to be as fit as she is, be sure to follow her, she also loves our products and uses them whenever she can. Tania follow a daily training routine and a balanced diet rich in protein, which also and despite what you may think, everything looks delicious!

Another of the Instagramers that we like to follow the most is @Marahealthy. It is defined as a food lover, and it is normal because what food is prepared! It is an authentic past the cakes, pies, rice and so many other healthy and protein-rich recipes that it offers us, do not forget to visit its profile. We leave you a chocolate cheescake that we also try at home, although the result unfortunately was not like Mara's.

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CHOCOLATE PROTEIN CHEESECAKE. A cheesecake without an oven, easy and fast! You could say a cheesecake of use, to spend ingredients about to expire! . With walnuts, melted chocolate and fresh 😋😋 has been the dessert of our weekend! 🥳. INGREDIENTS: ✖️BASE: - 150 gr of gluten-free cookies @schnitzer_organic_glutenfree from my box @mydietbox - 75 gr of butter without salt You can also make the base with - 150 gr of roasted hazelnuts without salt (or any other dried fruit) -10 dates - 1 teaspoon of vanilla ✖️CREAM: - 150 gr of mascarpone - 250 ml of protein shake of chocolate @valioespana - 3 leaves of gelatin PROCEDURE: rit Crush the cookies and add the melted butter, mix and cover the base of our mold. Mine is about 15 cm. ➰ Take to the fridge and set aside. ➰Put the gelatin to hydrate in cold water. ➰In a processor, mix the mascarpone cheese with the chocolate protein shake. ➰ Drain the gelatin and melt in the micro with a pinch of water. ➰Add the gelatin to the cream cheese and chocolate, mix well. ➰ Pour the cream on our cookie base. ➰ Let it curdle in our refrigerator for about 4/6 hours minimum. 👉🏼I have added a Mix of nuts from @borges_es a little bit of melted chocolate to decorate and enjoy! 😜 • 👉🏼Vaijlla palm leaf @packawin ♥ ️ #recetasmarahealthy #cheesecakerecipe #proteincheesecake #cheesecakelove

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If you do not like chocolate, we leave you another delicious recipe for Mara of aubergines with honey.

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AUBERGINES TO HONEY SAL HEALTHY VERSION. A typical dish par excellence of the Cordovan gastronomy are the fried eggplants with honey. I particularly love them 😍 so today, I have chosen to make this version healthier. . I think it is a fantastic combination of flavors, which you can only see if you dare to prepare them! I tell you in advance that it is a super easy and fast recipe! Here I leave you! 😜. INGREDIENTS: - 1 eggplant - 1 tablespoon of tahini (sesame cream) - 1 tablespoon of sweet mustard - Black pepper, hot or sweet paprika, oregano, basil 🌿 - Salt - Artisan pure honey PREPARATION: ➰Preheat the oven to 180 ° C ➰Wash and cut the eggplant into sticks. ➰Mix the tablespoon of tahini and mustard in a bowl, stir well and slightly lighten the cream with water. Season with salt and pepper. ➰Add the aubergine in sticks, the oregano, the basil and the hot paprika. ➰Remove very well so that the eggplant is well impregnated. ➰Put the sticks on parchment paper in the oven tray. ➰ Take the sticks to bake until golden. ➰Emplatar and add honey to taste. . #recetasmarahealthy #berenjenas #berenjenasconmiel #eggplant # easy recipe

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Another recipe that we have tried at home, is a piece of coffee flan, it was great, and best of all, natural, without any type of processing and done in just 10 minutes! (although after that you have to wait for it to cool down). The result is great! Also, if cooking is not your thing, or you have any questions, Marisa, our @maestra_realfooder, always answer your questions and indicate any step that has not been clear to you. Do you want to know how that coffee flan is made? I leave it for you here.

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SECRET COFFEE FLAN. The other day I had a craving for flan and I got to work to avoid the temptation of falling into an ultra-processed one. It is super simple and the result is brutal. I will try different ingredients and I will tell you 🤤. . ● Ingredients:. ➡️ 300 ml of milk ➡️ 25 g of fine corn flour ➡️ An espresso from @elcafesecreto ➡️ 1 g. of cinnamon ➡️ Nibs of cocoa to decorate. . ● Procedure: ➡️ We crush everything together. ➡️ We put it in a microwave safe container (I used a ceramic bowl). ➡️ We put it 2 and a half minutes into the micro stirring every 40 seconds or so. The time will depend on the container, quantity and power of the microwave. When the texture changes, it is ready to go to the container where we will serve it. ➡️ We refrigerate it for 2 hours and when serving we add a few cocoa nibs on top. 🤗. Can you leave me in comments more flavor suggestions to make? 😍👇🏻🙏🏻

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If you are training in the gym and need a high protein diet, and you are thinking of complementing your diet, we have a perfect recommendation for organic proteins. Loan and Guillermo created a few years ago Baïa Food, a eco brand of vegetable proteins that will help you with your training in a healthy and balanced way. Also, they use our straws to drink your smoothies. Everything super ecological!

During the quarantine we have used the kitchen as a way to pass the time, acquire some culinary skills, or simply make ourselves that cake that we have always dreamed of and never had time. Remember also that cooking is a way to escape, to find flavors, to remember moments, to get to know each other.

If you ever run out of ideas, or want to surprise someone with a very rich and very eco-friendly recipe, do not hesitate to enter our Instagram profile @packawin, you will find many of our collaborators with their wonderful meals, we are also joining realfoodism. Last week, when this great heat wave started, we marked this piece of papaya slush. I have to admit: It was amazing! You have to try it.

In a short time the summer arrives, and the time to reach that goal of the bikini operation is running out, let's hope that our favorite instagramers can give you a cable in these last but no less gratifying steps.

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