Kraft paper emerges in 1.879 in Germany. It comes from the wood pulp and is used for those products or objects sensitive to deterioration. The original hue is brown and denotes naturalness and ecological sense, this is certified by PEFC and FSC and by the use of non-toxic inks.

The manufacturing process is very similar to recycled paper. Like all the products we will work with, they are 100% recyclable and ecological. It is a highly demanded material in the world of packaging. Kraft paper products are ecological, 100% recyclable.


  • Resistant to sauces and oils
  • Customizable
  • 100% recyclable and hygienic
  • Microwave safe
  • Ideal for foodservices, catering and home delivery industries.
  • Environmental friendly.

Mesh bags are ideal for going to the fruits and vegetables section of the supermarket. You can reuse this pack of 4 for your selection of favorite vegetables.


  • Resistant
  • Set of 4 units
  • Measures 24,5 * 25

Compostable T-shirt bags, comply with the European ISO standard, which guarantees the use of ecological products such as potato semolina and other compounds, which decompose after a time. With this, a responsible use of these bags is guaranteed, which offer their correct functionality during their useful life and can then be recycled, following the usual processes.

Various measures according to functionality.

€ 4.90 € 5.10
€ 120.00