Natural coconut shell bowls

It is not an exclusive crop to obtain coconut bowls, it is a collection thereof, otherwise they would be discarded as waste or burned.

We want to give you a way out organic farming, effective and practical.

The manufacturing process is as follows:

  • After drinking the milk and coconut juice they are cleaned, carved and polished by artisans of the town, finally it is varnished in coconut oil, virgin coconut oil is extracted from the manual treatment of the crops, which has not been modified by any chemical process, only the natural ripening and fermentation of the fruit that it brings, the coco.

Bamboo straws.

Bamboo attracts good vibes to the environment. So when you need tranquility, peace and a relaxed atmosphere, the best thing you can do is close your eyes, breathe, expire, open them and contemplate your place full of these plants.
The best of bamboo, is that it is a fast growing plant, although the cuts, the plant will continue to grow, reaching the daily height meter in some parts of the world! They assume the perfect replacement for plastic straws

  • Plastic straws are among the 10 residues most frequently found on beaches.
  • It is estimated that they represent 4% of the garbage that is in the sea.
  • A straw in the middle of nature can wreak havoc on many marine animals.
  • They degrade in microplastics and these are consumed by fish, loaded with toxins, which in turn, affects the food chain reaching humans.

We want to publicize the bamboo straws by the following:

  • It is a material with minimal environmental impact, since bamboo is a plant that grows very fast, absorbs a lot of CO2 in its growth, and is grown in a natural environment.
  • They can be used and reused
  • They are not only biodegradable but also compostable.

The wood we use in our products stands out as a renewable and compostable source, EN-13432. For the production of our disposable products (such as wooden boats) only trees grown for this purpose are used. It is also certified with PEFC or FSC depending on the producer.

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