Alternatives to plastic

Alternatives to plastic

Packawin was born with the essential objective of solving a problem in the market; The plastics industry Through our products and way of life we ​​want to raise public awareness of the daily pollution generated by plastic in all its aspects.

Currently many of the diseases that surround us have their cause in pollution. We throw eight million tons of plastic into the ocean, there are currently up to ochocientThe marine species that ingest plastic, becoming a mortal risk for their lives and even for the health of the human being.

Today, we find very little cultural awareness regarding biodegradable, compostable or bioplastic materials.

The biodegradable materials can be found in starches, cereals, sugar cane fibers, wheat bran, hemp, wood, potato starch, etc., are degraded by the action of biological agents.

Compostable materials are all those biodegradable materials that produce carbon dioxide, water and humus within a specific time and under certain conditions without producing waste or toxic substances, it is a natural process of decomposition of organic matter.

These substitutes for conventional plastic, that is, those compounds derived from petroleum, not only contribute to an environmental and ecological solution, but the added cost of producing such biodegradable materials implies a very low additional cost in proportion to the environmental well-being that would mean. This petroleum derivative takes hundreds of years to degrade, if in the XNUMXst century we have all the materials to replace this product

Why is it so hard to see it?

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