The future passes through our house

The future passes through our house

2020 is being a strange, unusual, anomalous year. No one could imagine what was going to happen in the world in these few months that we have been in the year. Although China was immersed in an almost unprecedented fight against this pandemic at the end of last year, it was not until almost spring when the entire world is suffering the consequences of a contagious virus that worries, frightens and unfortunately, Bush.

This virus is transforming the world we know, it is changing behaviors, customs and needs, work and family relationships, is also modifying behaviors and perceptions regarding priorities when addressing social, political and economic dilemmas.

Many experts assure that yes, there will be a before and after of this pandemic, that nothing will be the same; Others think that we will not learn anything from this and everything will continue as it was before COVID19.

The truth is that times of crisis are times of change, where opportunities arise, where minds bend and turn ideas into realities, where the collective becomes individualized into ideas that turn society, many times for the better, others, unfortunately for the worse .

One of the great changes will be reflected in the service sector, specifically in the hospitality industry. Hoteliers are probably the most economically affected group in this crisis. Thousands of businesses remain closed, and although many of them will open, others, on the contrary, will be taken by the huge hangover that the pandemic will generate in our economy.

Among the challenges facing the HORECA sector, highlights the regulation of the safety distance and how this changes the configuration of many businesses and even the idiosyncrasy of some of them. So that many hoteliers have transformed their business idea, or at least elaborate a plan B, that they can carry out a minimum billing. We refer to online sales and Take-away service.

The take-away was already a fairly used model and with many companies taking advantage of this sales line. Multinational companies that have professionalized and standardized a constantly growing market.

After the Coronavirus crisis, many people will be more reluctant to dine in a bar or restaurant, others will directly wait a reasonable time to live a normal life, but perhaps many people will definitely change their habits.

The takeaway service is at its peak and many hoteliers know it, and it is that it is no longer just pizzas, hamburgers or sushi, the offer is wider today than ever.

But like almost everything in this life, there is a good side and a bad side. Recovery or economic relief, along with the possibility of not destroying so many jobs collides with another important cause, the generation of waste and disposable packaging.

Unfortunately, there is still a large majority of businesses that continue to use polluting plastics and materials, which are not recyclable, and which do so much damage to our planet. Is the original reason why Packawin was born. We want clean the world of plastics, we want to provide solutions those entrepreneurs who think like us. We want a cleaner world with a sustainable economic model. We want all packaging to be compostable, or recycled, but all biodegradable.

En este sentido, we offer various tableware lines y ecological packaging, different materials, and many possibilities so that businesses do not become obsolete and begin to practice a sustainable business. Sugar cane fiber, kraft paper, palm leaf or wheat bagasse are some of the ecological materials that Packawin offers. The path is sustainability and that is why we are here.

After this world break in consumption, production and, therefore, pollution, we must decide whether we return to the same habits, to excessive consumption, when buying without looking, throwing without separating or consuming without differentiating; Or we can also demand, transform and encourage responsible consumption, a sustainable economy and, ultimately, a better world.

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