Post Covid19?

Post Covid19?

100 days of alarm, thousands of lost jobs, many weeks confined at home, without seeing our relatives, without being able to hug or kiss anyone. Some, unable to say goodbye to their loved ones, others crying in the distance the lack of humanity that COVID19 has dragged along.

This pandemic has caused a scenario never seen or lived in the last century in our country (it could be extrapolated to the rest of the western world). Besides very serious fatal damage that every day we were overwhelmed, we have suffered a restriction of freedom that has never been in our recent past, an emergency situation that, although some have made it worse, most of us have respected. Finally, we are going to suffer an economic crisis which will also have serious social consequences.

And it is that they talk about great collective effort and of the exemplary behavior that the citizenry has done, or of heroes, when we talk about our doctors, nurses, anesthetists, police, military, auxiliaries, cleaning staff, etc., but the work is not done, far from it since the virus continues to circulate and it would be wrong to lower our guard.

However, the journey of the virus is far from over, in fact countries like Mexico, Chile, Saudi Arabia or India are suffering the worst data so far. The situation in South America is terrifying, most of the countries of the American continent suffer a high rate of contagionAdding that the health systems are of low quality and are saturated, the situation in much of Latin America is chilling. The worst comes when, in addition, natural disasters such as cyclones and tornadoes appear on these summer dates of the year.

Today, there is talk of the possibility of a vaccine, of some cure, of some solution close to this global pandemic. However, and as it has already been tested in many countries, including Spain, now there is an effective method to overcome a pandemic of these characteristics, social distancing, something we got because of the alarm state.

It could be said that it has been the State that has forced the population to comply with the measures, restricting mobility and sanctioning for not complying with what is imposed on citizens. Furthermore, it is the State that has forced workers to stay at home, companies to close or implement telework and, ultimately, to stop any activity that was not essential to achieve an absolute social distancing, which according to experts is the key to these situations.

The problem now is that everything depends on us as individuals. In the 'new normal' we have rules, yes, but there is no state of alarm to protect them. Now Everything responds to our will to strictly comply with the de-escalation regulations, to our decisions on trips, vacations, baths, games, meetings, etc. In fact, up to five communities have chosen to include citizen awareness as the axis in the new post-pandemic stage.

In China, despite having promoted the largest and most severe confinement and having the best anti-pandemic system in the world, both sanitary and digital, now A regrowth is appearing that in the last 48 hours has caused 100 new infected and they have again isolated a large part of the population in Beijing and has canceled more than 1200 inbound flights.

If already when the state of alarm was in force and there were penalties for non-compliance with it, there was a minority that, despite everything said to be active and passive, any measure has been skipped the bullfighter, they have gone to a meeting in the street, or a trip to second homes What are we not going to see now that 'the new normal' returns to give us all that freedom that some people so longed for? Now that pools can accommodate 75% of their capacity, will we see dozens of children playing with parents in the same pools?

Our responsibility today is to determine the virulence and mortality of the second wave. And there is going to be a second wave, and it will be in the fall, or worse, in the winter, and it will coincide with common illnesses such as the flu that can also be confused with COVID19.

Despite the fact that the vast majority of the population efficiently complies with the ordered measures, now that we see the danger further, there are people who do not hesitate to put their health and that of others at risk. And it is that the police have registered hundreds of sanctions, fines and closings of premises during this weekend.

In Mallorca, bottles of up to a thousand participants have been canceled. In Alicante there have been more than 100 sanctions during the weekend for parties and meetings where the rules were not followed. In León, a well-known local has been closed by opening its doors without limit of capacity, using dance floors and without any protection measure.

This type of situation causes new foci of expansion, which can also be much more dangerous due to "non-confinement", and that is that a single infected person could spread the virus to more than 400 people in just one month.

It is true that we are now much more prepared against the virus than at the end of this winter, when the coronavirus arrived in Europe and the WHO did not know what to tell us. Now we know a lot about the virus, but let's not kid ourselves, the experts themselves ask for caution, since being a new virus, its mutation is constant and its rapid expansion makes the situation in different countries is very different.

In a global world like the one we live in, this situation makes us even more vulnerableCountries like the United Kingdom, where the death toll above one hundred still count, already operate with airlines throughout most of Europe.

In Asia we are seeing one of the experts' biggest concerns coming true. The virus is very seriously punishing India and its inhabitants, and is that the country with the highest population density in the world is a perfect breeding ground for any virus.

In short, and while we wait for the long-awaited vaccine, now everything depends on us. Is now when our responsibility must mark the steps to take, now is when prudence becomes the best of our allies.

The use of masks, frequent hand washing and above all, respect for the safety distance between people should be as common as the 'good morning'.

We need to eliminate all possible transmission foci. Not throwing cigarette butts in the street - it is already disgusting to find cigarette butts on our streets - now they also cause possible infections. Please, remember to properly dispose of the masks and all the protection instruments since they are a potential focus of transmissions and also become centuries-old waste for our battered oceans.

When we are with loved ones or friends that we do not see in a while, always keep the necessary distance, we should not enter into physical contact since we do not know if they have been in contact with the virus.

If we have doubts about what is advisable and what is not in this "return to normality", what we must always comply with or what we can never do, you can consult the Page of the Ministry of Health, Consumption and Welfare social where you will find all the necessary information and you can always call 900 102 112 if you have any questions.

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