The future goes through renewable energy

The future goes through renewable energy

In recent years, much has been said about renewable energy. Want to know a little more about them? Do you know how important the energy transition is? This method of consumption has already been available to citizens for a long time. Today you can turn off the light to use only solar energy.

What are renewable energies?

Its natural sources through which we obtain energy in a clean way and without polluting the environment. The same results are obtained as with traditional methods, but in this way we contribute our grain of sand to the planet.

The renewable energy They can be classified into different types according to their source of creation, but they all have something in common, they come from nature:

-Wind power: is the one obtained from the wind.

-Solar energy: It is obtained from the sun. It differentiates photovoltaic solar energy and solar thermal energy.

-Hydraulic energy: Obtained from rivers and freshwater streams.

-Biomass: is the type of energy extracted from organic matter.

-Geothermal energy: It is the energy that is extracted from the interior of the earth.

-Tidal or wave energy: it is obtained from the seas and oceans, from the tides and waves respectively.

What do renewable energies bring us?

Clean energy sources They are the first to take on the fight against climate change, in this way they are the main allies of the human being to end the increase in global warming, achieve in this way the decrease in temperatures around the world to alleviate the pollution produced by energy consumption with the enhancement of renewables.

You can think that there is no direct relationship, but thanks to renewable energy, there are fewer diseases, this can be seen with the air pollution that we have to live with.

The emission of polluting gases is dramatically reduced with the use of renewable energy. Thanks to this type of energy, we will favor the fauna and flora of the planet.

There are more and more extinct species because of global warming, and this goes hand in hand with all the pollution generated by human beings.

Unlike other types of energy such as diesel, oil or gas, renewable energy is generated through resources that are infinite, so you don't have to suffer because they run out. The sun rises every morning and will always be able to provide solar energy.

Therefore we can say that the use of The renewable energies, it may be not only a long term money savings, but also they bring numerous benefits to the human being and the planet:

-Powerful weapon against climate change: They do not pollute and therefore help to stop this situation so worrying that we are living today.

-They are inexhaustible: When obtained through natural means, we will always to be able to count on more, since they are infinite.

-Purer air: Being green and non-polluting energies, they contribute a lot less amount of CO2 into the atmosphere and, therefore, the air is purer.

-Contribute to natural conservation: We do not have to alter nature (only visually) to obtain this type of resources.

-Improves the quality of life: The fact that the use of renewable energy is extended slows down many of the effects of climate change, among other things, it would reduce the levels of cancers, poisonings and lung diseases, etc.

It is essential to end the excessive use of oil, and all fossil fuels, begin to put pressure on the importance of renewables and work for a circular and green economy.

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