The energy that destroys

The energy that destroys

One of the basic pillars of the fight against climate change is the Reduction of energy consumption and the energy transition towards clean or renewable energy.

This is one of the red lines of all signed treaties, as well as fundamental requirements for our planet to turn the alarming direction towards which the irresponsible magnates of the sector and their political servants take us.

In this sense, the objectives set are far from being met, in addition, every year fossil fuel consumption grows, and some, like coal, reappear with annual growths that have not been seen since the last century.

In fact Global carbon emissions have increased 2% in 2018 after several years of almost no growth, with a figure that borders 33.700 billion tons something that, to the chief economist of the BP Group, Spencer Dale, seems "surprising and worrying" and an unequivocal signal that "We are far from meeting the objectives of reducing the threat of climate change".

The oil company prepared an interesting report on energy consumption, different energy sources and consumption by countries and world zones. The extracted data, as we have said before, are quite worrying, and that is that world energy consumption grew 2,9% and resources from fossil fuels are still the most used, Thus we continue to increase the amount of CO2 emitted (2% more than the previous year).

And it is that in spite of all the social movements, associations that are changing the vision of the climate challenge, as well as business innovations and administrative in energy matter, the consumption of Fossil fuels It is still booming, and it is estimated that today they represent more than 85% of total energy consumption.

According to the aforementioned report of the British multinational BP, world demand for primary energy grew 2,9% last year - almost double that experienced in the last decade-, Y carbon emissions increased 2% in 2018 -Its highest rate in seven years-, which puts the world, according to Spencer Dale, on an "unsustainable path". Worrying data like that The United States has caused the largest increase in energy expenditure in 30 years (with more than 3,5%).

And is that sustainable development is far from occurring, economies grow and grow mercilessly and politicians and businessmen only appreciate the growth figures as symptoms of joy in our economy or even revelry in management, when all these data they also entail a series of intrinsic factors, always secondary to their interlocutors, which only endorse the need to prioritize the change of productive model, a green and circular economy and the energy transition to renewable energies by curbing climate change.

By type of fuel, the BP report indicates that, in 2018, oil continued to be the most used, representing just over a third of the world's energy mix. Consumption grew by 1,4 million barrels per day, which was 1,5% more, above the average rate of the last ten years for the fourth consecutive year.

In addition, the report reveals that much of the increase in global energy consumption in 2018 may be related to the effects of climate change itself, since last year there was a unusually high number of cold and hot days in many of the world's most demanded centers, particularly in the US, China and Russia, what which caused a greater demand for cooling and heating services in each of these countries.

After reading the reports of companies in the fossil fuel sector and drawing the alarming conclusions we have cited, we have no choice but to demand a radical change. The climate strike last Friday has to serve to start raising awareness of the need for protest, of the immediacy necessary to organize policies towards change.

This has to be seen embodied in political programs. In the next general elections there will be parties focused on reversing these effects, others "committed" to climate change, there will be others that do not and there are some who even question it, with a "Trumpist" denial that is not surprising in recent years of turning towards the right.

Since we are going to repeat the elections, with all the expense (both energy, monetary and environmental) that entails, let's show that Spain joins the change, we will demand green programs, we will demand budgetary presence of transition policies. We need a government committed to change.

Let's start by teaching everyone a lesson and contributing to the reduction of wasteful spending caused by the elections and ask that they not send us any ballot home. It is easy! Alone enter here using the Digital Certificate System or the Cl @ ve Pin and join the savings. Tomorrow may be late.

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