What can we do to save energy at home?

What can we do to save energy at home?

In the last posts we talked a lot about clean energies, de consumption even of the future of sustainable home, home automation. And is that the climate emergency situation makes us look at energy sources as one of the great keys to Stop climate change. That is, although the solution inexorably passes through the renewable energy, from today we can start save energy, that is, spend less, or produce less, which means polluting less.

If you want your home to become an example of an ecological and sustainable home, in Packawin we tell you what can be done to save energy and acquire responsible consumption habits following the following tips and recommendations.

Compare between companies and hire 100% green energy

To consider the saving mode in the home does not make sense without reviewing the energy contracts to ensure that the contracted services are the most economically optimal but also take into account the origin of the energy used within the home. Nowadays it is possible to hire light rates with Iberdrola, Endesa, Naturgy and other large marketers choosing tariffs that guarantee the green and renewable origin of energy although if you are not sure where to start, you can try a rate comparison of light like that of the OCU or the CNMC that include several companies among their results, because if you use the specific one of the website of a marketer, only the Iberdrola, Endesa or Naturgy light rates will appear, but not those of the the rest of Small and medium enterprises that have interesting and sustainable options within its catalog as is the case of: Podo, Lucera, Holaluz, Sphere, Fenie, Som Energy and many more.

As we mentioned earlier, when using a light and gas comparator You can also check which are the ones that offer the best prices for the kWh of energy and in this way, you will be able to know what light rate to contract (together or separately with natural gas) thanks to the list of recommended companies based on the data entered into Start of the search, which will always match your profile.

Healthy eating routines for the whole family

To save energy at home we recommend the following list of changes, small reforms that the whole family can apply to acquire good consumption habits at home:

  • Invest in thermal isolation: placing insulating panels, giving a coat of thermal paint in the rooms of the house and applying sealant material and even weatherstrips in the door and window frames to prevent energy leakage.
  • Change the Lighting system at home: remove the bulbs that do not use energy saving systems and buy low-energy LED bulbs.
  • Prioritize the use of natural light always and when possible: it is recommended to promote the entry of the sun through the windows, regulating its intensity with blinds and curtains.
  • Replace your appliances and other equipment not very efficient: when using devices with a good level of energy label, as close as possible to the ideal A +++, the amount of energy needed for the device to carry out its functions is reduced from the outset. It is a safe investment that will allow you to save on your next electricity bills and a commitment to the environment to not spend more than necessary.
  • Turn off the lights and air conditioners from home: when there is no one in the room it is essential to carry out this gesture and instill the mentality of all family members.
  • Disconnect from the electric current everything that is being used at that time and help yourself by placing multitoma power strips with a switch. In addition, we recommend you take advantage of the properties of the light rates that apply time discrimination so that you can carry out your daily consumption in hours where the kWh of light is cheaper.

If you want to know more techniques that promote energy savings and they help you be more efficient and sustainable we recommend the following articulo With additional information.

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