Earth day

Earth day

50 years ago, human beings decided to dedicate a day for our beautiful planet, Earth; Not to celebrate the miracle of life that nature gives us or to give thanks for everything we have, but to create awareness.

And is that 1970 Environmental problems caused an intense debate among the high political spheres and also created a stir in society. As a result, it was the First demonstration in favor of creating an environmental agenda to study and quell the problems that nature was going to develop.

50 years ago since that April 22nd in which a American senator Gaylord Nelson, brought together more than 2000 universities, 10000 primary and secondary schools and hundreds of communities with three clear premises: the conservation of biodiversity, the reduction of pollution and the problems of overpopulation and consumption.

It was in the early 70s when people's consciousness, especially in much of the United States, began to change, great celebrities supported the climate cause. Musicians, poets and writers They turned this political action into a social movement.

As a result of this movement, the United States Government created the Enviromental Protection Agency (Environmental protection agency) and promoted a series of laws for the protection of the environment.

Today, 5 decades later, we not only face the same problems when we look at climate change but other dilemmas have worsened and have appeared very worrying such as the overuse of plastic, the lack of drinking water, and what is worse, our reaction time has been reduced.

According to the 2019 emissions gap report published by the United Nations environment program we are on the verge of not being able to limit the global warming of this century to 1,5º C. And it is that if we only trust in the commitments of the Paris Agreement Earth's temperature could rise up to 3,2º C in the next 50 years, something devastating for the human race and for thousands of other species. It is an NGO that tries to raise awareness about this. Hand in hand with celebrities like Julia Roberts, Eduard Norton or Robert Redford among others, they have created a series of films with the motto Nature is speaking. One of many initiatives that try, despite the fact that it is beginning to be too late, to change the social conscience and our habits and needs to help preserve the planet.

"We still have a chance to slow global warming by 1,5 ° C. According to scientists, this level of warming is the one associated with the least devastating effects. Each additional heating fraction at 1,5 ° C will cause increasingly severe and expensive impacts"The United Nations warns us.

"Scientists agree that, in order to limit the global temperature rise to 1,5 ° C, emissions should drop rapidly to 25 gigatons by 2030."

10 years ago, if countries had acted on scientific advice, governments would have had to cut emissions by 3,3% each year. Today, we need to reduce emissions 7,6% each year. The sad thing is that the most ambitious national climate action plans are far from a 7,6% reduction.

Now the world needs to quintuple the ambition of commitments. The cuts required are drastic, but still possible.

It is not a day to celebrate. It is not a day to commemorate or celebrate, it is a day to reflect and ask ourselves: what world do we live in? What world do we want to live in? What world are we going to leave to our children and grandchildren? What have we done to help? What have we not done?

The wonder of the miracle of life and the deep beauty of our planet will continue and nature will adapt, but many forms of life will be lost. Are we going to allow that to happen?

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