Butterfly Effect

Butterfly Effect

"The flutter of a butterfly can cause a typhoon somewhere in the world."

This famous phrase from the movie 'The Butterfly Effect', although a bit exaggerated has a scientific and logical explanation.

This idea is included in the call Chaos theory, formulated by the American mathematician and meteorologist Edward Norton Florenz, which explains the chaotic behavior of two unstable systems. This theory, also known as'Butterfly Effect', he explains how, given some peculiar circumstances of time and initial conditions of a dynamic system, any small discrepancy between two situations with a slight variation in the initial data, will end up giving rise to situations where both systems evolve in certain aspects in a completely different way .

Leaving the florenz theory, we can analyze any event that occurred in complex systems as an effect of any change previously produced in any other related system, or what is the same, a cause-effect relationship.

Let's define what they would be complex systems. A complex system is composed of several interconnected or linked parts, whose links create additional information and properties arise that cannot be explained in isolated systems. For example, the weather. Meteorology is the part of physics that studies weather behavior and atmospheric phenomena.

Another example, where we could fit the definition of a dynamic system is human society. We humans have an organism based on the correlation of our systems (digestive, respiratory, neuronal, circulatory, etc.) that as a living being allows the functioning of all the cells of our body. But the human being is not only composed of systems inside, but we live in society, with laws of market, consumption, production and habits, which define us as a personthem.

The human being and his social tendencies, consumption habits and way of life make nature suffer: different animal species and plants disappear, the global temperature rises, the poles melt more and more and the air we breathe gradually has a composition more harmful for our system and for the survival of other species. But all this, in turn, also causes changes within our body, and the systems that make our body function every day are resented by this series of anomalous effects.

All these effects that occur in our atmosphere are changing the conditions of many correlated systems between them. And as I said Florence, it is very difficult to predict how these systems will behave since the changes produced, besides being so drastic and numerous, can be, never better, chaotic.

If we compare the famous flutter of a butterfly with the huge amount of plastic waste that we pour into fields and oceans, the volume of CO2 and other greenhouse gases that accumulate in our atmosphere, together with the very consequences that these changes are producing in the biosphere, it is very difficult to foresee the future of the conditions of our planet, of the ecosystems, and of the human being.

The complex system in which we live, which we can commonly call society, is based on a way of life in which we produce more than we consume and consume much more than we need. This is leading us hopelessly to a shortage of basic natural resources, some of them essential as water.

Desertification, tsunamis, thaw, droughts, tornadoes and hurricanes, earthquakes, ... all atmospheric phenomena are related in some way to the ecosystem and the biosphere. Many of them are occurring with greater intensity and alarming frequency.

This theory should not make us claudicate in our efforts to reverse this, quite the opposite. And if something can be clear about the butterfly effect, it is that any minimal action can produce a great change within a system. These variations within our society, however minimal, will help reverse a series of fatal consequences that we can feel today in our daily lives.

Therefore try change consumption habits, demands ecological and sustainable policies as a citizen, awareness to others of change and of the importance of him, avoid plastic, use public transport, ride the bike, plant trees. Any minimal gesture means that, progressively, we will approach to inherit a better world than the one we found.

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