State of Climate Emergency

State of Climate Emergency

This week has appeared one of those news that, despite being bad, as soon as it is published they generate a certain hope and joy on the part of the many who fight for a greener world, a sustainable development and a green economy.

Last Tuesday, the Congress of Deputies passed by a vast majority (all matches except one that ends in X) on State of Climate Emergency by 311 votes in favor and 24 against.

The State of climatic emergency is a measure that began to promote different associations and organizations and to which, fortunately, different countries are joining. Is about a state of alert to alleviate the consequences of climate change, which aims to reduce carbon emissions to zero and exert real pressure on governments to become aware and act in the face of the climate crisis that we are living

The measure, taken to Congress by the EQUO platform through the group of We Can, convert to Spain in the fifth country to declare the climate emergency after Canada, Ireland, France and Argentina. Although only 5 governments have declared the State of Climate Emergency, many regions and cities like New York, San Francisco, Sydney or Paris, among others, have been joining this initiative.

El deputy of EQUO Juan López de Uralde defended in Congress the initiative reproaching the (few) denialists that still remain:"Climate change is real and it is here. It's science. And any of the groups that deny it, sitting in this Congress, can try to look for data that undercuts what the scientific community has proved amply.

This emergency declaration, however, does not entail any series of concrete measures, but “would establish a framework, independent of any party and who governs, where climate change is placed as a priorityd in the policies of the country in a transversal way ”López de Uralde commented to the newspaper The tide.

After the success of this motion, the next step according to its thrusters is to create the Law on Climate Change, "to ensure one fast and fair energy transition, focused on self-consumption, and the reduction of energy demand. In turn, it would be necessary to accompany it with the implementation of a green employment plan and a change of agricultural and livestock production model”Said the spokeswoman for TEAM, Toñi Gómez.

Although the measure is positive, it must be accompanied by a commitment to sustainable development and establish a framework in which climate change is placed as an absolute priority in economic, energy, employment, and ultimately, work to achieve an increasingly needy, ecological transition.

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