protest against climate change

World weather strike, September 27

On September 27, a global climate strike has been called, this strike is a consequence of the climate crisis we are experiencing in recent decades. Overproduction, the production model, the globalization of excessive consumption and greenhouse gas emissions have caused a worldwide collapse. Humanity faces the greatest challenge in history: the climate crisis.

Preventing the global temperature from rising to 1.5 ° C is a priority that must be declared as an emergency in all governments. The media have a fundamental role, humanity must know the risk we run. There are currently more than one million endangered species as a result of human activities.

In the case of Spain, in 2018 its emissions decreased by 2,2% compared to 2017, according to the Inventory of Greenhouse Gas Emissions, this was mainly due to a significant increase in hydraulic production, which increased by 84,9 % over the previous year due to exceptional rains.

As we pointed out in previous paragraphs, government policies have the priority role, and the laws that currently govern are poor to make a truly aggressive change, we need laws that focus on the defense of the environment. We cannot accept that 20% of the population, the Western world, consume 80% of natural resources, to the detriment of impoverished countries that ultimately suffer, suffer and live the consequences of the Western productive model.

We must take action with greater social commitment. They are becoming increasingly known, nearby markets, ecofriendly stores, organic supermarkets and in bulk.

This is the reflection of the gradual change that the population is making, now it is up to the big companies, governments and institutions to guarantee a sustainable economy by taking concrete measures. This must be the biggest challenge in the coming years.

The global protest aims to reach all sectors, organizations, ages and institutions, which is why we invite you to contribute your grain of sand and get involved in this World Climate Strike on September 27. For a fair planet and in defense of a sustainable future, join!

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