Reforestation: the best way to erase your carbon footprint

Reforestation: the best way to erase your carbon footprint

The origin of climate change has different explanations, all of them related to the action of man (except some conspiracy theories). The truth is since man started using coal for manufacturing and transportation, back in the second half of the XNUMXth century, the percentage of carbon in the air has been growing until today it is at points never seen in the history of mankind. This has caused damage in all environmental areas (animals, vegetation, oceans, climates ...), what we call climate change.

Although climate change has different edges, it is the CO2 emitted into the atmosphere that is causing the countless environmental crisis situations all over the world.

Today we use the term 'carbon footprint' to name the emitted carbon result that causes human action. That is, any action that involves an emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. And virtually anything we do, buy or eat leaves a carbon footprint.

In this sense, today we can enjoy companies, applications and organizations that indicate the carbon footprint generated by many of our routine actions. Many of them are easily reducible, others however not.

The carbon footprint that each person generates per day is an abstract situation, since when you go to the supermarket to buy a meat steak and they tell you that this purchase has contributed more than 1 kg of CO2 to the atmosphere, we cannot perceive that fact , since the carbon footprint is born since the animal itself is being raised. That is why many times it is almost impossible to avoid the carbon footprint in our day to day.

There are many ways to reduce our carbon footprint: use public transport, travel by train instead of plane for national trips, ride a bike for short trips, buy locally made products... But there is an action that entails a benefit to the atmosphere that "erases" your carbon footprint, it's as easy as plant trees.

As we know, the trees through the photosynthesis of its leaves they absorb a large amount of CO2 that they then convert to oxygen. That is why our - increasingly diminished - forests are so important for the future.

Reforesting forests, planting trees or curbing illegal deforestation are fundamental actions for the reversal of climate change.

There are several organizations that are dedicated to alleviate the carbon footprint that companies and people leave each day.

From Packawin, fills us with satisfaction collaborate with one of these very important organizations that help reverse the effects of climate change. In this case, we talk about We have already erased our carbon footprint by planting many trees in the forest Genesis, in Picos de Europa, which will perpetuate Packawin's passage through the planet.

Genesis Forest, Picos de Europa

In reforestum You can help replant the forest of your choice! You can also choose a certain area where you would like more trees, or you can calculate your carbon footprint and neutralize it by planting trees.

The biggest problem we face in the coming years is the greenhouse gas reduction and, although the large multinationals are the ones that cause the most emissions, we can all contribute to our small grain of sand.

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