ORGANICS BY RED BULL joins climate change, this organic drink from organic farming, flavored with vegetable extract and natural caffeine has decided to go one step further and make their product known OrganicsByRedbull in events, festivals, like the Arenal Sound, and parties with our Packawin bamboo straws.
It is the perfect complement to enjoy an energy drink, organic and organic.

BAÏA FOODSIs a company dedicated to natural, ecological and environmentally responsible food, bets on vegan protein rich in local products. With this, he has decided to incorporate into his online store sustainable products such as our bamboo straws screen printed with his personal stamp. What better way to combine your smoothie than with custom bamboo straws?

Collaborations with weddings, events and parties It is a field in which we have begun to have visibility. We want to contribute in a way organic to make your events a moment that prevails sustainability and the development of our philosophy; watch over the environment. Portals like WEDDINGS.NET they join the change by proposing suppliers like us, with 100% sustainable products, so that your event is something more than special, it is the perfect complement to nature. So if you are thinking about details for your wedding or special eventDo not hesitate to contact us!